Porsche Cayman GT4 PPF, Tint, and Ceramic

The GT4 is the lowest level GT car from Porsche, but it provides the owner with lots of smiles with fantastic handling and a 4.0L flat six engine.  Paired with a GT3 suspension and mid engine, the GT4 is one of the best track-ready production cars on the market.

This one belongs to the owner of Blackout, and he understands the importance of protection.

We started by cleaning and prepping the car thoroughly.  No need to do any type of paint correction unless there are large scratches, and the PPF will hide light imperfections from the factory.

After prep, the car was fully wrapped in the 10 mil thick film from XPEL.  This provides the best protection on the market from chips and scratches.

The windows are tined with XPEL XR Plus tint to look great and reduce heat and UV rays from reaching the interior.

The windshield is protected with a film designed to [...]

Aston Martin makes some of the most eye-catching vehicles in the world, and the new Vantage does not disappoint.  This one came in to us for protection from the road ahead.

We installed XPEL Ultimate Plus to provide a thick layer of protection between debris from the road and this beautiful Aston Martin paint.  The high impact areas were covered, and they will keep this thing looking pristine for many years to come.  The best part is that because it is clear, the nearly invisible protection does not alter the appearance of the car.

If you’ve spent your hard earned cash on something you value, it just makes sense to have it protected.  Call us for the best service and installation quality backed by our guarantee and the XPEL 10 year warranty!

Another Audi R8 came in for protection.  This one got a full wrap with XPEL paint protection film.  This film will protect the entire car from damage caused by driving – rock chips, scratches, micro scratches, etc.

We start by doing a full cleaning and decontamination of the car.  For this process we use an electric pressure washer with a snow foam cannon attachment.  We use Griot’s Garage Car Wash as a PH Neutral soap to safely wash the car.  After the initial wash, we use an Iron remover to dissolve rail dust and other metal contaminants that have embedded themselves in the clear coat.  After that, we remove any small specs of tar, and then clay bar the car to create a perfect surface for the film to adhere to.

Thinking about getting paint protection film?  Make sure the shop you use preps the car correctly – it greatly affects the end result!

We have worked with Mike from AutoVlog on a couple of projects, but this one was the biggest!

We removed an old, tired PPF wrap that was starting to turn yellow and fade to replace it with new XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS with a 10 year warranty.  Now he can drive the car without worry of rock chips and scratches in the expensive Ferrari paint.

In this case, the old paint protection film did what it was designed to do – it protected the paint!  It was a sacrificial layer, and once removed the paint underneath was in great shape.  That’s the reason we love paint protection film so much here at Blackout – it’s not snake oil, this stuff works!! We see it in action all the time.  It will save you time and money on repairs in the long run.

A new Porsche Panamera Hybrid came into our shop for protection!

The first thing we always do is analyze the car and the condition of the paint.  In this case, even though the car was relatively new and in great shape, the paint needed lots of work.  We start by washing and clay-barring the car.  The clay will remove contaminants that are embedded on the surface of the car.   It will leave behind a silky smooth finish ready for polishing.

One of our paint correction experts then spent many hours polishing the paint to perfection with a DA polishing system.  The DA system in the hands of a skilled professional will create a mirror finish free of scratches, swirl marks, or anything else that may be left behind from a high-speed buffer.

Then, this car got the front end protected with paint protection film.  The entire hood, fenders, mirrors, and bumper have a clear protective [...]

Check out this INCREDIBLE Ford GT!!

This car is from a great friend and customer and it is the newest addition to his collection.  He brought it straight to us for some additional protection.

The car was already wrapped in paint protection film.  The installers did a great job overall, but there were a lot of small things like edges that needed touched up, and bubbles here and there.  We took care of the small issues with the wrap.

After that, we tinted the windows with our XPEL PRIME XR window film.  This tint is designed to block lots of heat, as well as UV rays.  The UV protection will keep this rare car’s interior protected from fading for years!  The heat rejection benefits improve the comfort of the car for the driver.

We then ceramic coated the whole exterior.  This includes paint, glass, and plastic.  On top of a full wrap, ceramic coatings provide [...]

For years we have dreamed of working on this car.  You could call it the Holy Grail for us.  When the client walked in the showroom and asked for a price, we were excited.  The Bugatti Veyron is one of those cars that was released when most of us at the shop were teenagers, and it has a certain mystique about it because of that.

When we went to see the car, it was clear that the old film needed replaced.  It’s not that it was a bad installation, or bad quality film, it was simply old.  The film had been on the car presumably since it was new, making it 11 years old.   For any film to last that long is impressive.  But it was starting to get a cloudy appearance and discolor, and you can’t have that on a 2 million dollar hypercar.

When the car came in, we began by removing the [...]

It is finally here!  The long-anticipated mid-engine Corvette C8 has arrived and the first one has hit Blackout Tinting.

This car came all the way from Palmyra PA.  We picked the vehicle up at the dealership in our enclosed car hauler.

The C8 got paint protection film installed on the entire front end and rocker panels.  XPEL had computer-cut patterns available for the vehicle before it hit the market.

We also tinted the windows.  These windows were hand cut and shaved for a factory look.

If you like Ferrari, it doesn’t get much better than the 488 Pista. This one was in the shop for protection.

The front end was already protected with XPEL from the dealership.  The installer did a great job, so there was no reason to remove it.  We completed the wrap with XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS for the best protection possible from chips and scratches.

The car was then ceramic coated.  The coating will provide a super slick surface that bug guts, tar, and road grime will have a tough time sticking to.  Because of that, maintenance washes are much easier.

Terrelle Pryor brought in his brand new Mercedes-Benz G550.  He didn’t like to silver color anymore, so he decided to have us wrap it in satin black.  The brand new 3M 2080 film was used for this color change.

To do a color change correctly, there is a lot of prep work.  First – it’s got to be clean.  REALLY clean.  Every corner and crack must be thoroughly scrubbed to allow the vinyl to adhere properly.

In order to get the vinyl to stretch in areas and to hide all of the old color, the car must be disassembled.  On this one, we removed the front and rear bumpers, fender flares, door handles, roof trim, windshield wipers, windshield trim, windshield washers, and all trim inserts around the car.  We have many hours in this, but the result is a wrap that looks like paint and one that will last.