About This Project

For years we have dreamed of working on this car.  You could call it the Holy Grail for us.  When the client walked in the showroom and asked for a price, we were excited.  The Bugatti Veyron is one of those cars that was released when most of us at the shop were teenagers, and it has a certain mystique about it because of that.

When we went to see the car, it was clear that the old film needed replaced.  It’s not that it was a bad installation, or bad quality film, it was simply old.  The film had been on the car presumably since it was new, making it 11 years old.   For any film to last that long is impressive.  But it was starting to get a cloudy appearance and discolor, and you can’t have that on a 2 million dollar hypercar.

When the car came in, we began by removing the old film.  We had to do this very carefully using heat, making sure to pull slowly and paying special attention to the paint as we did so.  The old film did leave some glue, so we had to remove that and polish the paint before installing new film.

The owner wanted to protect the same areas as before, so the entire hood, fenders, bumper, side skirts, rocker panels, and rear impact areas got protected.  The Xpel computer cut patterns fit nicely around the vehicle, but we decided to perform a custom installation on the fenders to avoid seams.

When we finished up, the film was glossy like it should be.  Since the car had protection since day one, there was basically no damage to the paint underneath either.  We got some pictures, and some of us got a quick ride.

Project Details

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