• Porsche in front of Blackout Tinting Latrobe

About This Project

The GT4 is the lowest level GT car from Porsche, but it provides the owner with lots of smiles with fantastic handling and a 4.0L flat six engine.  Paired with a GT3 suspension and mid engine, the GT4 is one of the best track-ready production cars on the market.

This one belongs to the owner of Blackout, and he understands the importance of protection.

We started by cleaning and prepping the car thoroughly.  No need to do any type of paint correction unless there are large scratches, and the PPF will hide light imperfections from the factory.

After prep, the car was fully wrapped in the 10 mil thick film from XPEL.  This provides the best protection on the market from chips and scratches.

The windows are tined with XPEL XR Plus tint to look great and reduce heat and UV rays from reaching the interior.

The windshield is protected with a film designed to stop scratching and chipping, preserving the factory glass in its flawless state from day one.  Track driving can often mean a cracked windshield!

After all of the was was installed, the car was coated inside and out and XPEL Fusion products.

Trust us and XPEL for the best protection available for your new car – call us today to get scheduled!

Project Details

  • PPF
  • Window Tint
  • Ceramic