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In 2011, Josh decided he wanted to focus on something that revolved around his passion for cars and Blackout Tinting was born. A few years later we have become much more than just an automotive tint shop. We have become the areas leading 1-stop-shop for automotive, residential, and commercial window films, detailing, automotive electronics, paint protection film, ceramic coatings and detailing supplies. We believe we have been successful in this industry because of our focus on quality and service, and because of a great team of individuals with the best training. Thanks for visiting, feel free to take some time to get to know us.



Josh is the owner-operator and started Blackout Tinting out of his home garage in 2011 as a way to earn extra money through college. He has been a “car guy” for as long as he can remember, and that is why he started Blackout. He attended the University of Pittsburgh before deciding that he wanted to pursue his passion for cars and business. Josh works in the shop every day with his team. He loves German and Italian Sports cars.


Automotive Tint Manager

Nathan has worked with us for a long time and is a valued member of our team.  He can be found daily in our tint bay installing tint and managing our window tinters. His experience as a tinter is paramount to the quality of installations that leave Blackout and he takes pride in taking care of the customer’s car like it was his.   He is passionate about Japanese cars and some day wants a Supra or a Skyline.



Window Film Technician

Teryl was a detailer with us for years before joining the tint team.  He now specializes in disassembly of automotive interiors and tint preparation.  Teryl can also be found installing residential and commercial window film with Dean.  He is a devoted father and is always good to keep the mood light at the shop.


General Manager
Blackout Tinting Pittsburgh

Luke has been with us for many years and began as a detailer.  He has moved through the company as a customer service representative, and is now the general manager of our North Pittsburgh location in Gibsonia. His experience in the industry and with customers ensures a great experience at our second location.


Residential/Commercial Film Manager

Dean is the head of our residential and commercial division. You may recognize him from his time spent at the front desk in years past.  He has a background in sales and customer service, and still interacts with customers on a regular basis. If you are getting an estimate to tint your home, it’s probably Dean showing up. He loves classic cars and Harley-Davidsons and dreams of owning a 60’s Mustang some day soon.


Ceramic Coating Manager

Jimmie has been a detailer for years and knows how to clean a car.  He came to us and became a paint correction and nano-coating specialist, and has since progressed to becoming the manager of that department. His skills allow us to provide top notch quality and service and he takes pride in making your car better than new.


PPF Manager

AKA A-A-Ron.  Aaron manages the PPF division here at Blackout. He previously installed 12V electronics before getting XPEL certified years ago.  He loves American muscle and if you see a STEALTH wrapped Camaro SS, it’s probably him.  Aaron has a background in detailing before coming to work with us and is a great asset in our installation bay.

Nathan F.

Miami Shop Manager

Nate, otherwise known as Kevin (we have no idea why, but it stuck), is a window tinter at our Latrobe location.  He learned the trade very quickly – we are still trying to talk him out of a career as an engineer to stick with us when he graduates.


Media Manager

John is our media manager at Blackout.  He has been with the team full time since 2019.  If you have watched a YouTube video, an instagram reel, or a TikTok video – he is the man behind the camera and the production.  He is excellent at what he does and we look forward to always bringing fresh content to our customers.


Emergency Vehicle Division

Chuck is one of our 12V electronics installers, focusing on our emergency vehicle upfitting division.  When you need someone to be creative and come up with a solution for your 12V project, Chuck is the man for the job.  Chuck serves as a Latrobe firefighter in his free time.  Big diesel trucks and Corvettes are his vehicles of choice.  If you see solder smoke late at night, it’s probably Chuck working some late nights.

Steve W.

PPF Installer

Steve is a longtime friend of the owner, Josh.  After not speaking for many years, an opportunity arose for Steve to join the team and he reconnected with Josh.  He is a veteran of the Navy and has lots of experience with electronics from his time there and jobs afterwards.  He currently works as our 12V technician specializing in remote start systems and emergency vehicle upfits.


Ceramic Coating Specialist
Blackout Tinting Pittsburgh

Marc came to Blackout North Pittsburgh with years of experience under his belt.  He has worked in the industry with body shops, and has lots of wet sanding, polishing, and general detailing experience.  He also has a super unique collection of cars, and is always buying and selling.  Another true car enthusiast that we are proud to have on our team!

Austin J.

PPF Installer
Blackout Tinting Pittsburgh

Austin started with us in 2021 at our Latrobe location while we were getting the North Pittsburgh store ready.  He was already XPEL certified when he came on board, and then spent months alongside Aaron and Josh learning as much as possible before heading to GIbsonia.  He is the lead installer in North Pittsburgh.  He’s passionate about cars and also does some vinyl wrapping.

Steve L.

PPF Installer
Blackout Tinting Pittsburgh

Steve came on board in 2021 without experience in the industry, but with a love of cars.  Since then, he learned very quickly to become a great paint correction and ceramic coating installer.   He works mainly out of the North Pittsburgh store and takes serious pride in his work.


PPF Installer

Max came to us with experience as a detailer with a desire to turn those skills into a career.  He currently works as our “prep guy” in Latrobe helping out our PPF and ceramic coating departments by getting their cars ready.  In the coming months and years Max will be learning new skills to grow into – look for him in the PPF bay sometime soon!


Customer Service

Becca is one of the smiling faces that interacts with customers every day.  She brings many years of customer service experience and years of experience in the automotive world to the table.  She is excellent in dealing with customers, and acts as an administrative assistant to Josh.  We are excited to have someone with her background on staff and look forward to many years of growth with her. 


Window Film Technician

Alfredo is leading the charge for window tint in Miami.  He comes from a background as a window tinting business owner himself in Argentina.  The quality of his work speaks for itself – a rarity in the South Florida market!  His high standards align with exactly what we are trying to build in Miami, and we are excited to have him working with us. 


“Is that Justin, from Horsepower Obsessed?!”  – Justin started off as a customer and after years of using our products and services decided to team up with us.  He is half owner of the Miami location with Josh and a hardcore car enthusiast (save the manuals!).  His attention to detail is rivaled by few and he brings to the table a strong marketing connection with his giant YouTube following – a following that’s as Obsessed with cars as Justin and Blackout. 


Emergency Vehicle Division Manager

Joe is Josh’s dad.  He is the reason Josh has a passion for cars, and arguably the reason Blackout exists!  Joe now runs the emergency vehicle services department.  With decades of experience in both 12V automotive installations as well as extensive experience with radio communications and the emergency sector, there is nobody better for the job. 


Customer Service

Tim was first a customer, and a bonafide car enthusiast.  He comes to us from a non-automotive field, but brings an air of professionalism and high level wisdom to the team.  His direct communication style means you know exactly what you’re getting, and our North Pittsburgh customers love him for that. Plus, he likes German cars so that’s always a plus.


Ceramic Coating Specialist

Patrick has been with us for many years – almost since the beginning!  He moved to Florida to manage and grow the Miami location.  He has many years of experience in detailing and ceramic coating, trained in sales and customer service, and he is certified by XPEL to install paint protection film. 


PPF Installer

Gabe started with us as a PPF technician at our Miami store, and now he is in St Louis.  His attention to detail and willingness to always stay until the job is done has made him a valuable asset to Blackout Tinting.  If you want to make sure the car is back in time for a deadline, put Gabe on the job!  If you see Gabe, talk to him about his kids and watch him beam with pride.


PPF Installer

Amaury is our lead PPF installer at our Miami store.  In his own words, he strives to be the best PPF installer possible.  He takes his work very seriously and he is always looking for ways to improve.  His youth means he has a super bright future in this industry and we are proud to help him become the best installer he can be.


Ceramic Coating Specialist

Khalib started off as a detailer for a dealership and came to us as a prep guy.  His competence and ability to learn quickly meant he didn’t stay there for long!  Khalib quickly became a rockstar of paint correction and ceramic coating.  He always brings a positive vibe to the work bay and is well respected by the other guys (and girls) in the shop.


Window Film Technician

Ian is the lead tinter at our North Pittsburgh location. Ian’s hard work and eagerness to grow within the company has allowed him to advance from an entry-level prep position to an XPEL certified lead tinter in less than a year. He is one of our many motorcycle enthusiasts through the North Pittsburgh shop. You can find him ripping around town all day (and night) on his S1000R.



Jason is classified as our prep guy at the North Pittsburgh shop, but he is much more. Jason assists all technicians across all departments in completing their daily tasks. In addition to prepping vehicles, he assists in cutting film, disassembling vehicles, and keeping our facility in peak condition. He is vital to the success of our North Pittsburgh shop. Whether it’s in his STI, or on his Ninja 400, Jason is always happy to get to work and help serve our customers. Just don’t feed him any spicy food.


It’s in the Details

When it comes to detailing, it really is in the details, and we know it. Let us show you the difference between a good cleaning and a professional detail. Quotes are available on the phone, or by stopping in.


Paint Protection Film

Imagine driving a car for years without the paint getting destroyed – it will look great, and help to retain the value of your vehicle. It sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t! Our Xpel factory trained and certified installers can have your investment protected today!



Tinting Products

Add value to your vehicle, protect the interior of your home from harmful UV rays, block heat and save on cooling bills. Keep that annoying glare out of your office, home, or vehicle with our window tinting expertise.
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