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Safety and Security Film

Battle tested, defender approved.

man trying to break through safety and security film glass
safety and security film being prepped for installation

Safety and Security Film adds a critical layer of facility protection by delaying attempted intrusion and helping to hold shattered glass together in case of impact.

When seconds count, Safety & Security Film can buy you the time you need. Developed by industry-leading film manufacturer XPEL, the film is adhered to both the glass AND the frame of the windows and doors. This helps to keep things intact for longer when a direct attack is made to the integrity of the glass.

What’s that mean for you?

  • Anti-intrusion – Delays unwelcome intruders, helping to give you the extra time for help to arrive, or to evade the threat.
  • Invisible barrier – Still allows up to 89% of visible light through the glass, giving you the visibility you need, but the protection you deserve.
  • Protection – Minimizes injuries sustained from broken glass, and helps to prevent property damage.
  • Save on cooling costs – Improves the efficiency of your cooling system by helping to reflect heat from the sun.

Help protect what you value.

  • Great for residential properties in more crime-prone areas
  • Ideal for commercial properties, including retail and service-based businesses
  • Used in schools around the globe to help protect the precious lives inside


Installs in minutes.

  • Our team of professionals have years of experience
  • Within minutes, we’ll clean the surface, prepare the area for install, and have the premium film installed
  • Once cured, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind we all want in our daily lives

When it comes to protecting what’s important, this film offers a life-changing (or saving!) amount of protection for a minimal investment. When trouble shows up  at your doors or windows, make sure it has a hard time getting in with Safety and Security Film from Blackout Tinting!
safety and security film being prepped for installation
cleaning the surface of the glass when installing safety and security film
squeegeeing out the water and air from the safety and security film
final installation photo of the safety and security film on glass at a jewelers