About This Project

Another Audi R8 came in for protection.  This one got a full wrap with XPEL paint protection film.  This film will protect the entire car from damage caused by driving – rock chips, scratches, micro scratches, etc.

We start by doing a full cleaning and decontamination of the car.  For this process we use an electric pressure washer with a snow foam cannon attachment.  We use Griot’s Garage Car Wash as a PH Neutral soap to safely wash the car.  After the initial wash, we use an Iron remover to dissolve rail dust and other metal contaminants that have embedded themselves in the clear coat.  After that, we remove any small specs of tar, and then clay bar the car to create a perfect surface for the film to adhere to.

Thinking about getting paint protection film?  Make sure the shop you use preps the car correctly – it greatly affects the end result!

Project Details

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