About This Project

A new Porsche Panamera Hybrid came into our shop for protection!

The first thing we always do is analyze the car and the condition of the paint.  In this case, even though the car was relatively new and in great shape, the paint needed lots of work.  We start by washing and clay-barring the car.  The clay will remove contaminants that are embedded on the surface of the car.   It will leave behind a silky smooth finish ready for polishing.

One of our paint correction experts then spent many hours polishing the paint to perfection with a DA polishing system.  The DA system in the hands of a skilled professional will create a mirror finish free of scratches, swirl marks, or anything else that may be left behind from a high-speed buffer.

Then, this car got the front end protected with paint protection film.  The entire hood, fenders, mirrors, and bumper have a clear protective film installed.  You can’t really see it, but it gives tons of protection against rock chips and scratches.

After the polishing and film, we installed a ceramic coating.

Ceramic coatings create a gloss that is insane and unmatched by waxes.  The car will look great for years to come with proper care, and the car will be easier to keep clean.

Project Details

  • PPF
  • Paint Correction
  • Ceramic