About This Project

We tinted the windows on this Ram and installed Xpel paint protection previously, and it comes in regularly for maintenance detailing. When we began offering ceramic coatings, we knew we had to coat this truck! To start we performed a decontamination wash which removes any dirt and grime, but also any iron deposits that are embedded in the clear coat. Then the painted surfaces got a clay bar treatment which removes any debris stuck in the clear coat and gives us a perfectly smooth surface to polish. Our paint correction specialist then gave the truck a two stage compound and polish to remove any minor defects in the paint and to bring back a perfect high-gloss finish. Then we coated all of the paint, plastic, and wheels with Ceramic Pro. The Ceramic treatment should protect the truck from environmental damage like staining and bird droppings, and make cleaning things like tar and road paint from the truck a breeze. The UV protection properties should also help the plastics look great for years to come.

Project Details

  • Ceramic
  • Paint Correction