About This Project

A Mclaren is a work of art.  This one came to us straight from the factory for a little customization and protection.

First we installed a gloss black wrap.  The top half of the car was wrapped gloss black to match other accents.  It helps set this one apart from the other 570s.

We tinted the windows with our ceramic window film.  It will help keep the driver cool, and protect the interior from heat and UV rays.

The entire front end is protected with XPEL paint protection film.  This barrier helps to stop rock chips and scratches without sacrificing the appearance of the car.

We also ceramic coated the car for maximum gloss and longevity.  The coating will allow the owner to clean the car easier and it will help protect it from environmental damage.

Project Details

  • Vinyl Wrap
  • Window Tint
  • PPF
  • Ceramic