About This Project

After recently installing clearbra on this client’s two Porsches and Ceramic coating one of them, they decided to have the paintwork on the Ferrari brought back to life and protected with Ceramic Pro. We started by giving the car a full decontamination wash, with our Griot’s Garage fallout remover and Griot’s Garage Car wash. Then we clay barred the paint to remove any contaminants that were left stuck to the clear coat. Upon inspection of the paint, we determined it needed a heavy correction. We performed a three stage paint corretion using the Griot’s Garage BOSS orbital (available in our store!) with various compounds and polishes. For the tight places, we used our Griot’s Garage 3 inch orbital, as well as the Rupes Nano. Between the letters and the horse hairs on the logo, we created a custom pad much smaller than a normal Nano pad.
When the paint was corrected to our satisfaction, we installed a Ceramic Pro Gold package. This package includes 4 coats of 9H and one coat of light on the paint and trim, a coating on the glass, and the wheels-off package. We remove the wheels on the car to clean and coat the inside barrel, as well as the brake caliper. The paint on this Ferrari should be protected now, and much easier to keep clean due to the slick surface that Ceramic Pro creates.

Project Details

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