About This Project

This Challenger T/A edition is stunning in person, and looks even better after we have had some time with it. This vehicle came to us for a total exterior protection package.

First we cleaned the car thoroughly. This means a decontamination wash and clay bar, followed by a polish on the entire car. Since this vehicle has factory strips and we were installing paint protection film, the customer decided to remove the stripe kit and have it reinstalled on top of the film for a seamless installation. After installing paint protection film on the front clip, the graphics that were ordered from Mopar were reinstalled. Now there are no seams on the fenders, and no air line where the film would need to go over the graphic.

After the film was installed, the vehicle was back for a Ceramic Pro Gold package. Now it will stay easy to clean with awesome stain resistance.

Project Details

  • PPF
  • Ceramic