About This Project

There are lots of cars that are fast, and beautiful, but not many as iconic as the Porsche 911.  For that reason, they’re definitely one of our favorite cars to work on.  This Turbo S came in for some protection and window tint.

As is normal with these types of projects, we began by tinting the windows.  On this car we used our Ceramic top of the line window film to look good, but also block lots of heat and UV rays.  After tint, it was time to get handed off to our paint protection experts.

We began by cleaning the car thoroughly and making sure there were no contaminants on the surface, or embedded in the clear coat.  After we are satisfied with the paint surface, the protection process begins.  With a 911, that involves some disassembly.  We remove the Porsche crest from the hood, as well as the marker lights in the bumper and the headlights.  This allows us access to wrap the edges of the film behind these pieces, creating as seamless of an installation as possible.  Fewer seams mean a less visible product (which is good!) and less places for dirt to accumulate down the road.

We protected the entire hood, fenders, mirrors, bumper, rocker panels, and A-pillars.  It will be back soon for Ceramic Pro!

Project Details

  • PPF
  • Window Tint