About This Project

We finally get to check Maybach off of our list!  We work on a lot of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, and many S-class cars but to this point the Maybach has been elusive.   We met the owner of this vehicle at the Pittsburgh International Auto Show where we had a booth set up.  We spoke to him extensively about the benefits of protecting his paint, whether it’s with XPEL paint protection film, Ceramic Pro, or both.  He decided that Ceramic Pro was his preference for his Maybach.

Upon dropping the vehicle off, we inspected it for micro scratches and swirl marks.  It was evident that although he takes great care of the car, the exterior was going to need some Blackout expertise.  Scott began compounding and polishing the car to a perfect mirror finish with our Griot’s Garage BOSS 21mm orbital.

After the paint was perfect all around, Scott began the coating process.  It got a gold package which includes 4 coats of 9H, and 1 coat of Light.  The depth and gloss that a gold package adds is absolutely incredible.

When the owner came to pick up the car, he inspected it closely and was thrilled with the results.

Project Details

  • Ceramic
  • Paint Correction