About This Project

This was a large project that was brought to us by the administrators of the Indiana Regional Medical Center facility.  Originally, someone else had installed a window film on the exterior of the building to help block light coming in and blinding the employees and the clients in the waiting room.  The film on the exterior was failing badly, and it needed to be removed.  We started by stripping the exterior film off of the 13 high windows.


Upon examining the situation, it was easy to understand why someone else used an exterior application.  The windows are very difficult to get to from the inside because of the height, combined with walls and beams running through the building.  But in the interest of our client, we did not want them to have to replace the window film every couple of years.  We proposed a difficult, yet possible, installation of an interior 3M 18 percent window film.  Now this film should hold up for about 15 years and look great doing it.

Project Details

  • Window Tint