We would like you to have some background knowledge on auto glass tinting prior to having tint installed. Although we use one of the best material films on the market, and do quality workmanship, there are some factors to deal with: DUST, SPLICING, DOT MATRIX, REAR DEFROSTERS Dust is all around us and is next to impossible to keep out of the air. This also makes it impossible to keep out of the film. We however take every precaution to do so: we are not responsible for any dust that may show up. Large glass, such as rear windows, might need to be spliced. This means the film must be cut to accommodate the curvature of the glass. This splice can sometimes be seen. It’s a lot nicer when the back glass has defogger lines so the film can be spliced on the lines, making it less visible. If at all possible we will install the film in one piece. Although it is extremely unlikely, there is a chance that during the film application process the defroster lines on the rear window could get damaged or even pull away from the glass. This is due to a manufacturer’s defect that is undetectable until window film is applied. Blackout Tinting is not responsible if this occurs, and you will be notified by the installer immediately. Dot Matrix is small dots the factory puts around the edge of some windows and along the back glass as a visual cosmetic border. These dots are basically bumps on the glass that may cause the film to stick on the dots instead of the window. This will not cause the film to peel, but will seem silver in appearance. This is normal and will not disappear. Once the film dries, it’s sometimes possible to press them down to some degree. We are not responsible for personal items left in the vehicle. We will not warranty any film that has been rubbed, scratched, hit, etc. by rings, jewelry, seat belts, or any hard objects of any kind. Also, by signing this you recognize that the tint being applied to your vehicle could be of illegal darkness for street use. The PA tint law states that no coupe or sedan have any window darker than 70% (stock window percentage). Trucks, SUV’s, Crossovers, etc. can be as dark as you’d like on any windows behind the driver’s seat. Front side windows cannot be tinted for street use. No tint is permitted on the windshield. This form shows that you have been advised that the darkness is illegal if this is the case, and you acknowledge that the vehicle being tinted is for show or off-road use only, and Blackout Tinting is not responsible for any legal issues arising due to street use.

Photo/Video Release Authorization Permission

I agree that Blackout Tinting may use such photographs of my property with or without my name and for any lawful purpose, including for example such purposes as publicity, illustration, advertising, and web content.

Not responsible for loss or damage to cars or articles left in car in case of fire, theft, or any other causes beyond our control.

Blackout Tinting will not be liable for any damages which are incurred directly or indirectly on vehicles or operators or passengers of the vehicle.

I hereby authorize the above mentioned services to be done with the necessary materials, and hereby grant to you and/or your employees permission for operation of the vehicle herein described on streets, highways, or elsewhere for the purpose of pick-up and/or delivery. An express mechanic’s lien is hereby acknowledged on the above vehicle to secure the amount of services done.

I understand that this vehicle is subject to repossession, if payment for services and/or products rendered is dishonored.