About This Project

The owner of this Hellcat Challenger trusted us with his Z06, and when he traded it in he made sure to bring the Hellcat for Ceramic Pro on day one.

Although the vehicle was brand new, it had many microscratches and swirl marks throughout the paint. Often times we hear that a vehicle should not need much paint work before coating because it is new, but once the car is under our lights it is a different story!

We started by washing and clay barring the paint. After a careful inspection, this paint needed compounded and polished. We refined the paint to a mirror finish, and then prepared to install Ceramic Pro.

This Hellcat got a silver package – that is 5 year protection from Ceramic Pro. It got a layer of 9H, and a layer of Light on top.

With Ceramic Pro, this Mopar will be protected from environmental damage for years to come. The slick surface that a Ceramic coating provides will ensure that bugs, tar, and grime will clean off with ease.

Project Details

  • Paint Correction
  • Ceramic