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5 Myths of Paint Protection Film

Learn about the 5 most common misconceptions of paint protection film, and why it is still the best option that exists for saving your paint.

Paint protection film has been around for decades. It was created by 3M during the Vietnam war to protect blades on helicopters from getting damaged and causing problems with flying. Over the last 20 or so years, it has been used on cars more and more frequently. Like any product, there has been a lot of evolution in design and technology, and there are still some myths floating around that can cause people to be concerned about getting it on their vehicle. Our goal is to share with you the 5 most common misconceptions we come across daily.

  1. Paint Protection film doesn’t work!
    1. Some People insist that the film simply does not work for what it’s designed for. We are here to tell you that is simply not true. It stop rock chips extremely effectively, and scratches too! In the event that something does penetrate the film, the paint underneath is normally left unscathed.
  2. It cracks, and turns yellow over time!
    1. This used to be true. Films from years ago did not have the advanced top coats that they do now. Because of that, UV rays and environmental damage really took a toll on paint protection film. Nowadays though, PPF is designed for longevity and the XPEL film we carry has a 10 year warranty against such things.
  3. PPF will always peel up on edges!
    1. With improper installation, this is definitely true. Some shops will try to wrap things a little bit too tightly, trying to make the film as invisible as possible. While that might look Ok for a few weeks after the installation, improperly installed pieces that hang over radius edges will left and begin to peel. At Blackout, we guarantee our work.
  4. Paint Protection is completely invisible!
    1. Paint protection film does exist. It is thick, and is a tangible product you can hold in your hand. Because of that fact, it is visible sometimes. Once installed, it is VERY hard to see unless you know where to look. A proper installation will only leave edges exposed where necessary, and on those edges or corners, the film can sometimes be seen if you are looking for it. It’s important to keep these edges clean to avoid dirt buildup that makes the presence of film much more obvious.
  5. PPF will stop ALL rock chips.
    1. In a perfect world, a car with PPF would never get a chip or scratch again. Unfortunately, that is simply not true. Sometimes rock chips are big enough, fast enough, and sharp enough to even dent the metal or plastic beneath the paint. If it can hurt metal, it can hurt film. With that being said, it is rare that a chip completely penetrates film. If it does, usually the paint underneath is left unharmed. PPF will stop probably 99% of things that hit your vehicle in daily use.

Check out Paint protection film in action, here.

So why get paint protection film?

  1. It Works!! – Paint protection film is simply the best option available on the market to protect your vehicle from road debris.
  2. Protection, without sacrificing appearance. – Unlike the older “bras”, you don’t need to sacrifice the beauty of your car to protect it.
  3. Save money. – It’s not cheap, but consider the cost of a repaint, how much a dealership will beat you up for front end damage at trade in, or how much your vehicle will drop in value from a bad carfaz or evidence of repainting.
  4. Look good. – Nobody wants to drive around a car that looks beat. PPF will help keep it looking new for years.
  5. Insurance. – insurance companies will cover film in the event of an accident, so it’s really a one-time purchase.
  6. Selling point. – If you ever plan on selling the car privately, it’s a huge plus to have PPF. When I shop for a used car, i always check to see if it has paint protection film.
  7. Remove and Replace. – If the films starts to take damage, simply remove it and install new film.

Paint protection film is one of our favorite products we offer here at Blackout. It is the best way to keep nice cars looking nice, and we consider it a must-have on a new car.

Are you buying a new car? Let us know what you’re getting and we can get you a free quote!