Remote Starters

Remote starters are one of the most popular convenience items for automobiles. Get yours
installed today and experience why you’ll never own a car without one again.



Installed in most vehicles
  • Two one-button metal long range transmitters
  • Increased range – up to 1,200 feet of operation
  • Glass mount antenna with built-in LED light and valet switch
  • Start and shut off vehicle remotely



Installed in most vehicles
  • Two three-button metal one-way remote controls
  • Glass mount antenna with built-in LED light and
    valet switch
  • 1500 ft. range
  • Start, stop, lock, and unlock doors remotely



Installed in most vehicles
  • One five-button metal 2-way LCD command confirming transmitter
  • One-five button metal 1-way remote control
  • Glass mount antenna with built-in LED light and valet switch
  • Two-way start and lock/unlock confirmation
  • Vehicle security
  • Security alerts on the key fob
  • 2500 ft. range



Installed; $10/monthly; must be paired w/ another unit
  • Lock/Unlock your vehicle’s door, cool down or heat up your vehicle with the addition of optional remote start and/or security system from anywhere in the world
  • Track, locate and set boundaries with GPS to always know where your vehicle is
  • Parental controls to stop texting while driving
  • Monitor fuel consumption, vehicle diagnostics and driver scoring
  • All presented on easy to understand personalized website and smartphone app
  • Customizable feature notifications via email and/or text messages
  • Professionally installed by trained 12 volt specialists
  • Android and Apple compatible
  • One year of monthly service included

Contact Blackout Tinting today at (724) 520-4172 to learn more about the remote starters we offer. We would be happy to explain to you more in-depth, all of the many types of starters we offer and help you choose one that best suits your needs.