About This Project

This was a fun project. This Volkswagen Golf R is the very definition of what a sporty hatchback is supposed to be. Our client lives in Colorado, and purchased this vehicle from a dealership near us.
The client decided to protect his new ride, both inside and out. We tinted the windows all the way around, including the very difficult to get to front quarter windows in front of the front door glass. In addition to looking great, the tint will protect the occupants and the interior from harmful UV rays.
Protecting the front end from chips was a big concern, so we installed Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection film. The self-healing film will protect the paint from impacts, and it is self healing so minor scratches and swirl marks disappear in the sun.
To protect the rest of the paint, the client decided to have Ceramic Pro installed. Before we could do that, we performed a three stage paint correction to remove the micro scratches and swirl marks that the car had already accumulated. After the paint looked better than new, we installed the Ceramic Coating. Ceramic coating will allow this car to be cleaned much easier, and protected from staining and other environmental damage.

Project Details

  • PPF
  • Ceramic
  • Paint Correction