About This Project

The Shelby GT350 is the Mustang lover’s dream. This brand new one came in to the shop for a Ceramic Pro Gold Package. we start with a decontamination wash to remove all the dirt and road grime, as well as any iron deposits that have worked their way into the clearcoat. Then, we polish the whole car thoroughly. After a wipe down with a preparation solution, the coating process can begin. The Gold Package consists of 4 coats of the 9H compound, and 1 coat of Light. The 9H is up to 3 times harder than the factory clearcoat, and is much more resistant to scratching and marring once cured. The Light compound that goes on top is what provides the ease of maintenance. The super-slick surface means that dirt, bug guts, and bird droppings do not adhere to the coating like they do to paint. Cleaning becomes much easier, and the paint is resistant to staining. All of this translates to a better looking car, that lasts longer.

Project Details

  • Ceramic