About This Project

This Lamborghini Huracan was a fun project. The car came to us in great shape, but the owner wanted to protect it from the beginning.

We tinted the windows on day one with our 35% window film. It gives it a great classy look that’s not too dark, but fits this Grigio Lynx color well.

We started with a decontamination wash and clay bar. Then the whole car needed just a very mild polish. Some of the piano black areas required lots of attention to achieve perfection. There was a chip on the front that we touched up with factory matched paint.

After the car was thoroughly cleaned and polished, we went to work installing Xpel Ultimate paint protection film. We use only the best computer cut patterns on the market from Xpel. Many of the patterns were modified to allow for wrapped edges wherever possible for a more seamless and even more invisible installation. We protected the entire hood, fenders, mirrors, bumper, and rocker panel areas on this car. From even a foot away, most people would never know that anything is on the car, and the owner can enjoy it without worrying what the road will do.

After the film was installed, the entire car was ceramic coated with Ceramic Pro. We performed a whee;s-off package as well, so the whole wheel including the barrel was cleaned and coated. The brake calipers were degreased and coated, and even the lug nuts were coated with Ceramic Pro.

The client was thrilled when he picked up his vehicle, and that’s what makes it worth it!

Project Details

  • Ceramic
  • Window Tint
  • PPF