About This Project

This 6-speed manual 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo showed up with lots of swirl marks and microscratches, and needed some attention from a professional detailer. That’s where ceramic coating amongst other services came into play. We were able to compound and polish the paint back to perfection before installing Xpel Ultimate self-healing paint protection film to the entire vehicle. We have computer cut patterns available for this entire car. This Italian work-of-art then went on to receive a full detailing service in the engine compartment and interior, and was ceramic coated with our Ceramic Pro Sport package, to offer even more protection from the environment and to keep the surface of the film slick and easy to clean. To finish it off, the windows were treated with our 3M Colorstable 20% window film. This film not only looks great, but it will protect the fine leather interior from harmful UV rays.

Project Details

  • Window Tint
  • PPF
  • Ceramic
  • Paint Correction