About This Project

The Ford Raptor is the ultimate in trucks off the showroom floor.  They’ve got power, looks, and suspension set up to take on almost anything.  One thing they are lacking of course is tint and Ceramic Pro!  The owner of this Raptor contacted us after installing window film and Ceramic Pro on his friend’s Audi A5, wanting the same package on his new truck.

We started off by tinting this one with our 3M colorstable window film.  We tinted the entire cab, including over top of the factory tint in the rear section, and the glass roof.  After tint, it was ready to go to the detailing side of the world for some TLC before coating.

Our detailers focused on getting the paint flawless by compounding and polishing to remove any defects from the clearcoat before installing Ceramic Pro.  Afterwards, this truck got 5 coats of Ceramic with the Ceramic pro Gold package.

Now this truck not only looks better than new, there are a variety of other benefits.  The window film will help to keep the cab cool in the summer, and it will protect the truck and occupants from harmful UV rays.  The Ceramic Pro coating will ensure that this truck looks great forever and stays easy to clean.

Project Details

  • Window Tint
  • Ceramic