About This Project

Modelled after the iconic GT40, the Ford GT is the modernized version of the car that was built to take on Enzo Ferrari and his race team.  This precision built machine is all race, and we had the pleasure of working on the most perfect example of one we have ever seen.  With just 800 miles on the odometer, this GT came to us for window tint, paint protection film, and Ceramic Pro.

Once the car got here, it was easy to see someone had taken great care of it for the last ten years.  The car looked and felt showroom new, with few exceptions.  The paint needed some minor paint correction work to remove light micro scratches and marring in the clear coat.  After we were satisfied with the paint refinement, we went to work protecting it.

We start with Xpel Ultimate paint protection film.  This Ford GT got the entire hood, fenders, bumper, mirrors, rocker panels, and rear impact areas protected.  The film is a thick, virtually invisible barrier that gets installed on the paint’s surface to protect it from rock chips, scratches, and other debris from the road.  It should last about ten years, and when it is tie to replace it can be removed.

After the film installation was done, the car was ceramic coated with Ceramic Pro.  Ceramic Pro gives the car a gloss and depth like nothing else available, and the protection it offers is second to none.  The car will have permanent protection against staining and environmental damage, and the super slick surface means it will remain easy to clean for many years to come.

After the paint was perfected and protected, it was time for window tint.  This client decided to install our top of the line Xpel Ceramic window film to not only look great, but to keep the heat and UV rays out as well.

Project Details

  • PPF
  • Window Tint
  • Ceramic
  • Paint Correction