About This Project

This brand new Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 was brought to us by a frequent customer here at Blackout.  After having his last vehicle tinted and protected with Ceramic Pro, he wanted to do the same with his new ride.  This car got our Ceramic window film to not only look good, but also keep the inside of the car cool and protected from the UV rays.

After tint, the car was handed over to our Ceramic coating experts to work their magic.  They started with washing and clay barring the car to remove any contaminants from the surface, and anything embedded in the clear coat.  After the surface was completely smooth, they began to polish the paint.  This car did not need much polishing, but we want to make sure it is perfect before installing a coating.  After they were satisfied with the polish, the car was coated with our Ceramic Pro Bronze package.

Project Details

  • Window Tint
  • Ceramic