About This Project

The owner of the BMW M550i knew that he wanted to keep his new ride looking good for years to come.  He decided to install Xpel Ultimate self-healing paint protection film too the entire front end of the car.  After a thorough wash and clay bar to make sure the paint surface is perfectly smooth before installing the film, we pulled the car in to get to work.

The first thing we always do is look over the vehicle carefully.  This one was brand new, so as expected, there were no major paint issues that we needed to address with the customer.  Then, w carefully inspect the panels we are going to be protecting to see which areas we can wrap the edge of the film around for a more seamless installation.

We cut the film in-house with our Xpel DAP software for the most accurate precision cut templates available. The software allows us to modify the patterns, so this is where we make adjustments to wrap the areas we want to wrap.

The film was installed on this BMW and left to cure overnight.  In the morning, we did our final touch-ups, got some pictures, and sent the car on its way.  We love knowing that our customer’s vehicles will be kept in pristine condition, giving them the satisfaction of driving a great car everyday, and helping to retain the resale value of the car.

Project Details

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