About This Project

This Black Bentley Continental Supersports with a red leather interior was a real head-turner, but the scratching and marring in the car’s soft clear coat was hiding the perfect paint job underneath. Someone from a dealership had previously buffed this car with a rotary buffer, and created lots of swirl marks and holograms. We needed to perform a full paint correction to bring this car back to life. We started by performing a decontamination wash, removing any and all dirt and debris from the surface of the paint. We then followed that with a clay bar treatment to remove any imperfections that were embedded in the surface of the clear coat, before performing a three stage paint correction using our Griot’s Garage Boss orbital and an array of polishes and compounds from various manufacturers, and various types of pads. The clear coat on this car was extremely soft and needed to be handled with care, and it took a full two days to achieve the desired result. We then coated the paint with Ceramic Pro, to protect the surface from the environment, and to make sure it will be easy to clean and much more resistant to microscratches. When finished, the paint on this vehicle looked like glass. The quality of the paint job from the factory was one of the best we have seen, with virtually no orange-peel whatsoever creating a near-perfect mirror image.

Project Details

  • Paint Correction
  • Ceramic