About This Project

The owner of this vehicle came in with two cars he wanted to get a Ceramic Pro Gold package on.  One was this gorgeous brand new Bentley Continental.  The other, a Maserati Ghibli.  We were excited to get started on these two.

As usual, our process began with a thorough decontamination wash.  This wash is designed to remove any bugs, tar, and road grime but also to remove any waxes or fillers that might be on the clear coat from the dealership or the owner.  We want a perfectly clean surface to assess the condition of the paint.

After the car was cleaned, we noticed some micro scratches and holograms in the clear coat, presumable from the Bentley dealership.  Many people think that just because the car is new that we will not find these things – however in our experience there are almost always defects that should be removed prior to coating the car.

After our ceramic coating specialists went to town refining the paint, it was time for Ceramic Pro.  The gold package is installed in 5 layers – 4 layers on a compound called 9H, and one layer of light.  The 9H layers are very thick and hard and give the coating strength, while the layer of light though more delicate, gives the self cleaning and hydrophobic effects.  Once installed, the depth and gloss of the paint is better than new and will protect the factory finish.  The Gold package comes with a lifetime warranty, backed by the manufacturer.

Project Details

  • Ceramic
  • Paint Correction