Denny brought in his Huracan LP610 for some protection. He bought the car used, and it had tons of micro scratches and swirl marks.  He wanted the best protection money can buy to keep the black paint looking great forever.  We offered a full XPEL wrap, topped with Ceramic Pro.

We started by correcting the swirled paint.  After a few stages of polishing, the paint looked like a mirror and we were ready to wrap it with XPEL.

This car has lots of aftermarket carbon fiber pieces – the rockers, front lip, hood, fenders, and rear spoiler.  For those pieces, we had to make custom patterns to fit.  The end result is nothing short of perfect.

Once the wrap was done, we installed Ceramic Pro.  The coating will enhance the gloss of the film and provide a super slick surface.  Cleaning this car will be easy for years to come.

If you have a high end vehicle, it needs protected.  Call us today at 724-552-9172 to schedule yours!


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