The best protection you’ll never see.

Don’t you hate it when your new car gets it’s first rock chip? How about scratches in the door cups, or nicked up door edges?

What if you don’t have to worry about any of that?

Paint Protection Film is the answer.

Paint Protection Film, or “clearbra” as it is also referred to, is a clear polyurethane film that is applied to painted surfaces of the vehicle to save the vehicle’s factory finish. It is virtually invisible once installed, and will maintain it’s glossy appearance for years to come. We are certified installers of Xpel Paint Protection Films. This durable film will protect any surface it is applied to from chips, scratches, scuffs, and scrapes. It also self heals, so in a case where the film is mildly damaged, the damage will literally disappear in just a few minutes. Imagine driving a car for years without the paint getting destroyed – it will look great, and help to retain the value of your vehicle. Xpel Ultimate comes with a factory 10 year warranty. It sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t! Our Xpel factory trained and certified installers can have your investment protected today!

Custom coverage is available. If it is painted, it can be protected. Please ask for more details. Other common coverage options include door sills, luggage areas, roof and a-pillars, and rocker panels.

Contact Blackout Tinting today at (724) 552-9172 to learn more about the paint protection film we offer. We would be happy to arrange an absolutely free, no obligation consultation and estimate on implementing paint protection film on your vehicle.