Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coatings are simply the best way to protect your vehicle’s exterior from staining and environmental damage, and light scratches. With options from Ceramic Pro and XPEL, we offer the best coatings on the market to suit your needs.

Coatings will eliminate the need for waxing. Simply wash the car for a perfectly clean, “just waxed” look every time.

Ceramic coatings do more than protect. The nano-technology in ceramic coatings allows the coating to penetrate the smallest pores of the paint and plastic, enhancing the depth and gloss of the paint, and providing an extremely hydrophobic surface. This slick surface means dirt and debris have a much harder time clinging to your vehicle, and can be removed effortlessly.

Ceramic Pro 9H is up to 3 times harder than clear coat, and helps minimize minor scratches and marrings that appear through daily use and washing.

  • Heavy-duty Coating

    Permanent glass coating that goes onto the paint.

  • High Performance & Protection

    Enhances gloss and depth of the paint and protects it from environmental damage (UV, acid rain, bird droppings, etc.) and makes the vehicle extremely easy to clean.

  • Warranties

    Options from two annual coatings to lifetime coatings and eliminates the need to wax the car.


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  • 2 Year Coating
  • Enhances the gloss
    and depth of paint
  • Makes cleaning and maintaining the vehicle easier
  • Protects against environmental damage
  • One (1) coat of Light on all exterior surfaces, faces of the wheels and glass


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  • 5 Year Coating
  • Includes all of the BRONZE PACKAGE, but lasts longer and provides better
    protection from minor scratches
  • One coat of 9H
  • One (1) coat of Light on all exterior surfaces, faces of the wheels and glass


Inquire For Pricing

  • Lifetime Coating
  • Includes all of the SILVER PACKAGE, but lasts MUCH longer and provides MUCH better protection
  • Four coats of 9H
  • One coat of Light on all
    exterior surfaces, faces and barrels
    of the wheels and glass

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