5 Myths of Ceramic Coatings

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Find out the 5 common misconceptions about coatings, and why they still make a lot of sense to get.

Ceramic coatings seem to be all the rage. If you are an enthusiast, or a professional in the detailing industry, it’s all you hear about. While the product awareness is great for companies that install coatings, and good for the consumer (because coatings really are awesome and you should have one) – it can bring some challenges. The biggest issue we face is correctly explaining what a coating will do, and what it will not do. We blame coating companies overstating the effects of coatings, and uneducated consumers spreading half-truths and outright lies about ceramic coatings.

These are the 5 things we hear about coatings every day, that are not true!

  1. Ceramic coatings stop rock chips

2. You’ll never have to wash your car again!

  • Again, this is wrong! While washing should be much easier with a coating, it still needs to be done. This means hand washing if you want the best performance, not just driving through a touchless wash. In my experience with personal cars that are protected with a coating, it seems that dirt does not build up as quickly, so the car does tend to look better between washes.

3. You can’t scratch ceramic coatings! They’re as hard as a diamond!

  • While coatings are slightly harder than a factory finish, you absolutely can, and will scratch/micro scratch them. It is possible to get swirl marks, micro scratches, and everything else in your coating that you get in clear coat. The best way to avoid this is by using proper hand wash techniques with a two-bucket method, and very high quality wash mitts and drying towels. We always recommend drying with air if possible. We use a Kobalt battery powered leaf blower that works very well. The good news is, if it does scratch it’s usually polished out easily. The bad news is, once you polish the coating, it will need re-coated.

4. NOTHING sticks to the coated surface!

  • While the coated surface is very slick, things like tar, road paint, and grime from the road will certainly stick to the coating. Just like clear coat, you may need to scrub a bit to get things off, and sometimes you may even need to clay bar the coating.

5. Coatings are maintenance-free!

  • Coatings make life easier, and they make the car look better. But even the finest jewelry, the most exotic cars, and perfect front lawns need to be maintained. The coating is no different. Basically every coating company requires a yearly maintenance to maintain the warranty. Plus, if you want the coating to perform at it’s best, frequent washing is a must.

So WHY on Earth would anyone get a coating?

  • Easier washes – Once you have a coated car, washing one that’s not seems like a major chore. The slick surface makes it easier to clean, and to dry.
  • Unmatched gloss – the nanotechnology of ceramic coatings means the coating is filling in very tiny pores in the paint. Think of the surface of wax as a swimming pool filled with basketballs. Ceramic coating is the same pool filled with marbles.
  • Environmental protection – Coatings do offer UV protection, and stain resistance to environmental issues like bird droppings, bug guts, etc.
  • No More waxing – With a coating, there is no need to apply wax. A good cleaning brings back a just-coated shine.
  • Protection for the factory finish – Although the coating can be scratched, usually a very minor polish takes care of it, leaving more of your factory finish.
  • Long-lasting protection – When properly maintained, years of easier cleaning, protection, and gloss.

Do you have a coating and love it? Tell us about it!

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